Wendy houses Gugulethu

 Wendy House Gugulethu, as many people call them nutec houses or some call it wendys. At Samnutec we have been in business to understand the different of wendy houses in Gugulethu. Looking for a Custom Build or Premade Options Available *Wendy Houses, Sheds, Security Huts, Workshops, Log Cabins, Dog Kennels,  Granny Flats. Often referred to as traditional Wendy houses, wooden wendys in Gugulethu are made by cladding a wooden frame with treated pine boards.

At Samnutec we are manufacturers of wooden Wendy houses – fitted with fibre cement or galvanised corrugated iron roofs. Our Wendy houses are fitted with sturdy wooden floors and (glass fitted) windows. The walls are manufactured from oven-dried graded SA Pine.


Why a Wooden Wendy House in Gugulethu?

Responsibly sourced wood is a renewable, beautiful building material, which helps tackle climate change.  It is also durable, versatile and can be cost effective. Gugulethu Wood wendy houses also store the carbon that the growing trees have removed from the air. All our tradesmen are full time qualified professionals in their fields. They take pride in their work and the work they produce is of the highest quality. We are craftsmen that create beautiful space using wood. World class skills and attention to detail is our motto. Want something out of the norm? We custom build to suit your requirements. Let’s combine our skills and your imagination into a solution that works for you

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Samnutec Wendys is a Construction company that specializes in the building of Timber home Structures, mainly Log homes, Nutec cabins, and wendy’s houses, We have been in the Timber homes construction business since for a long time and build a strong customer base, Our Knowledge and experience in Timber homes construction business has helped us to build Quality and robust Log/Nutec Homes and wendys house to our client’s satisfaction

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